Victim Emerges Victory!

Stalkers have air transport

At their disposal,

And by air, 

They follow close behind

An innocent’s schedule.

They appear to be locals

Or sightseers, perusing.

Yet around every corner

They attempt to focus

Environmental manipulation,

Towards their target’s motion.

When the selectee

Tries to rationalize

These circumstantial surroundings,

Such notions  seem crazy…..

And yet appropriate awareness is key,

To discerning perception.


The neighborhood 

Is speaking an instruction that says,

“Give due consideration!”

For the past couple of days,

Natural movement

Foretold the lesson.

Groundhog came into the yard,

And hid under the barn.

“Draw your lines, pay attention

To this boundary warning!”

Blue Jay has been screaming,

“Stay keen, stay keen, trouble is lurking,”

Foiled were the attempts

Of wasp and a mate

To sneak in through a fan vent,

And last night, 

Ever so purposefully,

Skunk marched into the yard,

And stunk up the environment.

Thank you, God,

For Your gifts of the earth

And this lesson of awareness

To discern…..

Hunter and hunted.

In this day and age

And with the proper perspective

Guiding our initiative,

It is most appropriate

To be safe rather than,

A victim. 

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Reading:  Bible Scripture Nehemiah 6 “The Enemy’s Plot”




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