The Participation Of Life

A cornucopia of character.

A cornucopia of character.

Handsome green matter

Aged with the patina,

Of living life’s era,

Births new shoots

In this calico structure,

And presents in soil,

In such foundational, texture.

How unique is this life

Of living water!

The newborn 

Is secure and happy,

With mature leaves,

So strappy, supporting.

When sunlight graces

This conglomeration,

The full presence of beauty

Reveals God’s creation.

The crux of this examination?

God birthed 

The soil and vegetation.

Man formed the pot

And the plant stand

It sits on.


In this combination of will,

Lies simplicity’s till.

The result is truth

In its brightest form,

An emerging beauty

Resting by the window,

That receives

His omnipresent illumination.

When the choice is life,

Wonder blossoms.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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