The Musketeer

Forget for a moment

The meaning, 

Of new age marshall…..

Remember the name “musketeer,”

The name for sharp shooter,

What do we really know

Of such a presence,

Even as

The sound of the name 


Such elegance in demeanor…?


It’s been nigh a year,

No dream, this recollection,

That a musketeer appeared…

He stood 

On a public threshold,

And commanded the doorway,

So noticeable,

Was his energy.

When I turned and spoke

A friendly hello,

My vocal resonance

Bounced right off,

His steely composure.

So stalwart

Was the hold,

On the presence of emotion.

Incongruence had me,

In the folds.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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