The False Road

I awoke this morning

To the knowing,

Of an injurious,

And crippling sight,

As what soon followed 

Was a screen play, 

Before vision 

In the mind’s eye.

Heavy traffic

Was being led

By a small dark car,

An automatic.

Up in the distance

On a major roadway,

A sharp curve,

A cornering,

Must be negotiated

By the car’s pilot.

The two lane road

Actually intersected

On the coast.

It’s top,

Was a ledge of rock,  

That said, “Goodbye,”

To a false trip tick,

An illusion of sight

From a distance,

Much like one believes

One sees an oasis

In the desert.

All of a sudden

A white ramp


At the corner’s height,

To direct the lead car

And the bottleneck,

To drive…

As if onto a path of light,

Yet instead,

Off the road

And into free sky,

To a free falling dive,

A crash landing

That says,

“Oh no,

I’ve taken the wrong road

To destination’s sky.”

There was no sunshine

In sight.

The multitudes

Were following

A false prophet’s

Works and words

A false road,

On earth’s surface.

Is it a case of

The blind  

Leading the blind?


Is it an illusionist

Using a person

As a baited line?

Either way,

A message of light

Is marked for earth’s time.

Be careful people

How you open 

Your ears to hear

And your eyes to see

How to drive.

Pray to God

For His truth

To light up

Your hearts and minds,


The false road

Is a place

Of delusion,

One finds.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

A Reading From The Book Of Isaiah:

Isaiah 31 “Help Not In Egypt But In God”

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