A River City’s Latent Possibility

It is the most amazing prospect to look from afar and see an opportunity for life that God serves on a bright plate to a pool of consciousness.

With only a smattering

Of its downtown structures

Lit in the colorful luster

Of beauty,

The rest of this River City’s


Remains in dark clouds

Of continuity,

Above its flowing Missouri.

Help His sunshine 

To glow on your souls,

And the lives

Of your buildings.

That which resides

In your hearts and minds,

Must flow with love

For your own consciousness.

That which resides

In your hearts and minds

Must heal

To transform the light 

In your eyes,

And the soul of your earth,

And the structures 

You’ve birthed.

Take the beauty

Of your color,

Which has grown

To inhabit the light

Of your lives,

And keep loving

Your roadways of man.

Life is a gift from God,

No matter 

Our human classification.

Catbird sings close by,

The happy truth

Of catty sighs,

Flying between

The swamp maple,

The crab apple,

And the clothesline.

Today is…

Another day

Of peace and simplicity,


By Autumn’s

Wind chimes.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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