A Song From Chickadee For The Child In Us

Chickadee, happily  scoping out food in the garbage pail.

Chickadee, happily scoping out food in the garbage pail.

Keep close to our hearts

The food of our youth,

Identity dreams,

And ways of being. 

Here in lies a song

From Chickadee,

About healing 

Childhood dealings

And the painful emotions

We’ve been abandoning.

In lucidity,

It is seen,

The brokenness

Of consciousness,

In the souls

Of people,

In our searching

For identity themes,

Sense of selves

Weighing in on

Self imposed opinions,

Or abandoning their “I am,”

For another’s way of behaving.

This reach 

Of hungry need,

Is the exact place

Of opportunity,

To rise in faith

And pray to God

For our life’s direction

And how to live His sunshine

In our being.

This communication came

As moonshine,

As huge as the night sky

And a shovel

Casting dirt particles

Into the moon’s

Wondrous, silvery light.

Why would the great mother,

So benign,

Be clouded by 

Human eyes.

She is love and nurturing

For everyone’s sighs,

For the frailness

Of our human kind.

Let the rain of the Holy Spirit

Wash clean our feelings.

Men and women,

Let’s not dull the heart glow

Of her love’s endless stream.

She is always and forever

For us,

In our LORD Jesus Christ’s

Passionate Omnipresence.

The masculine

And the feminine

Delve into power oppositions.

We create convoluted persona’s,

By crashing horns against

Each other’s charisma

And self-assurance.

Why do we compete 

For identity existence?

This will only lead to

The escalation of disillusion

In our “I am” presence.

Where are we leading life

With such human conditions?


Keep close to our hearts

The food of our youth.

It is a blessing from God

To know and accept

Our true feelings,

To live our “I am,”

He has blessed 

Into our being.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Isaiah 2:22  God’s Universal Reign

The Story of Spearfinger

“Chickadee, the bird of truth,  truthful expression, understanding the power of small things, all aspects of attitude – use of voice”


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