An Opinion Of Life, Nonetheless





A blessing of life,


As much as 

A tree,

Stands and grows,

The jet stream,

Brings forth and flows,

The sun rises and sets

And rises again

The next morning,

God is the appointer

Of life.

He chooses our destiny

And commissions us

To live our being.

For any of us 

To cast opinions

Of  “self appointment”

On another,

Judgment qualified only

From a norm of society 

So particular,

Are we not 

Taking God’s task

Of judging 

Into ourselves,

By the projection

Of our own 

Vocal muster?

In the midst

Of opinions,

Woodpecker lights

On the window ledge,

And drums his solo

On cedar siding slats,

Among the living matter

Of earth’s existence.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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