Redemption Of The Soul

Mist and water,

Clouds of moisture,

Pool in pockets

Of flowing ether.

A weighty day,

Where leaf piles lay,

In the calling,

Stormy, autumn.

Pitter, patter,

On plastic tarpaulin,

Driblet, droplet,

On skylight’s window pane,

Wind is silent,

Even as rainfall patterns,

Flow easterly;

An autumn evening,

In western hill counties.

Humble bows

Grace autumn dance steps,

Colored leaves

Touch gently, respectfully,

In silent advances,

Hardwoods embracing

Evergreen branches,

As misty light dims into,

Evening darkness.

A jet engine rumbles

In the sunroom’s furnace…

Just the gas pilot,

Firing warmth

Into a Saturday evening’s 


One knows,

Redemption of the soul,

By the blessings of life given,

Through His ever lovingkindness.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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