Chasing Skin

Thank you, moonlight

For guiding the pen.

The glory of the LORD,

God in Heaven,

Is made known,

Again and again.

How insanity driven,

By power’s chasing skin,

Will become the population?

There has been,

 There is,

And there always will be,

A war for choice trends.

In the launching 

Of these directions,

Is intent,

To sit on piles 

Of big spending,

And gloat satisfaction

Over glory’s edification.

Who are the players

Of this din?

How are they moving

Their sword of deployment?

Let’s postulate a guess.

Is it government intelligence,


A family’s political power resurgence,


The very clever, stealth,

Of an ethnic power house’s

Cordial abasement?

There will be 

Reshuffling and redirection,

To the waves of communication.

It is always the case,

In this power race,

To be the victor 

In chasing skin’s face.


Beyond these maneuvers

For personal glory,

Great wealth,

Or partisan nomination,

What about our population,

And all these strange,

Psychological happenings,

Of unnerving and harmful pain,

Being inflicted by lost souls,

Who haven given  

The skin of their true self away

To identity petrification?

Dangerous behaviors

Are occurring

Throughout our communities,

Across the nation.

Are these happenings

The result of 

The beast from the sea,

Spoken by John’s voice,

In Revelation 13?

Social media

And the internet’s

Communication propagation,

Have greatly amplified

Chasing skin’s aspiration.

I rest the pen.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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One Response to Chasing Skin

  1. An opinion called, “Self-Radicalization,” has revealed the flux, that “Identity,” is driving itself forcefully as an itinerantly heightened and individualist “god,” to the harm of society. These obdurate conditions are happening all over the globe.

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