What Has Become Of The Bread?

Just so,

In a vision

At the first,

Of morning’s glow,

God imparted

To us humans,

His bread from Heaven.

He delivered His food

In the form of a sandwich.

It lay on a wide expanse,

Over contours 

Of a landmass.

The slice that touched

The Earth’s surface,

Was God’s blessing

Given first.

The slice

That lay on top 

Of the first,

Was God’s blessing

Given second.

But in the center,

Between the slices

Swarmed quickly,

A proliferation

Of many crawling, dark, insects,

Making an unconsumable mess,

Of God’s blessings.

This I saw over a swathe

Of certainty blue landscape.

How many dreams

Do we have of strange things?

Should we speak of them,

Or do nothing?

For safety’s sake,

I choose to speak

Of what I saw 

On the Earth’s face.

Something unclean

Is coming 

In our bread’s serving.

Hackers of spiritual communication,

Or something as obvious

As a famine, 

The result of a swarm,

Of some form

Of bacteria,

A biological danger

Being distributed 

In bread (food),

Across shopping centers?

Whatever the meaning

Of this conveyance,

The take away is,

Take care 

In your living!

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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