Chess Mating and the Third Position

Two white T-Rex’s

Are deeply rooted

In organization,

In the garnering

Of market share’s amplification,

So much so,

That the only parts 

Of them showing

On the earth’s surface

Are their toothy jaws,

Wide open, deep throats,

Oversized, structural cultivation.


For the wide open waters

Of the third position,

Is possible,

When we understand

The difference between

This kind of powering rival


And the Free Offer Of Mercy.

We can instead

Choose to tread

The worthy path’s vocation,

Within the midst 

Of these edifications.

It is safe to go ahead,

Due to the fact, that,

The voracious appetite

For structural power’s 

Secured indoctrination,

Is truly limited.

Imagine that….

Side by side 

Power competitors,

Chess mated…?  

This is not a commentary

On check mating.

It is an interesting vision

On the consequences

 To life’s choices

While one considers

A structure’s methods to acquire

Vocal power provisions,

As God tests the faith,

In our choices

To magnify Him.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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