gods of the 21st century

Sir, Mr.,

Miss, Ms. Mrs., Madam,


Acclaimed achievers

In every  highest

Direct and self-centered


The only next avenue

For navigation is 

A plummeting,


A lost mind ensues,

A blatant, grappling


To maintain a farce

Dubbed, “I,” 

Mount Zion.

No wonder

Our population 

Has become

So insanity driven,

“god,” is the replacement

For, you guessed it,


Gosh, you know,

Human frailty 

Still exists,

And its okay,

To claim this directive,


Of course,

That would actually mean,

That we’d allow ourselves

To walk said condition 

By our autonomic,

Nervous system.

Does anyone remember

The word “regular?”

Does it not seem that,

The state of glorification

Has superseded

Every aspect of existence?


To glorify, “regular?”


Another “god,”

In juxtaposition!

I went to church

A few Sunday’s ago,

And the man 

On the pulpit

Delivered the message,

That to live the light

Of the One, Most High,

We are called,

To empty our vessels.

Thank God, 

For this simple wisdom.


We can all,

Come back down

To earth,


©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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