The Precise Oak

An oak tree

Transpires maturity,

Like a monk praying

High in the mountains

Of peaceful tranquility.

On the present road,

It’s healthy leaves,


Sunbeams of gold.

God’s light,

Truth be told,

Shines everywhere,


Than the bright invitation

Of the sun’s threshold.

Man’s understanding

Of God’s role,

Meets His truth,

Over fiery, burning coals.

There is no achievement goal,

No prize to hold,

Only a resonance,

Both loving and joyful,

No matter the effects

Of environment’s row.

One knows

The peace of God,

In the faithful, trusted,


Of the soul.

The oak tree,

On the present road,

Drops acorns

Like conviction’s roll.


Unlike nurture,

Drives it’s timeless scroll.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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