Self-Obsession in Creation

Just a few words before I present this poem and photo.

What I have to say is such a double edged sword for life.  It is not a judgment on living or how we humanly choose to live existence.  It is a hope that populations can lift up their hearts and know God fully,  everywhere in the consciousness of life, in the content of this writing, in the heart sense of one’s own mind-body relationship:  to embrace Him in His light.  In each of us, He has given a gift of life, and that gift is our cross to bear, while we live our incarnation.  It is up to us to make our way to Him.

Romans “The Gospel Exalted”  1:20

“For since the creation of the world, His invisible attributes, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly seen, being understood through what has been made, so that they are without excuse.”

When I saw this photo taken by NASA, it impacted me to such a degree that I had a hard time looking at it.  IT is absolutely beautiful and correctly named "Hand of God."

When I saw this photo taken by NASA, it impacted me to such a degree that I had a hard time looking at it. IT is absolutely beautiful and correctly named “Hand of God.”  To me, this is a message from God to us humans.  His true bright light is disappearing from us, hidden beneath creations of our very own human hands, the results of, and  as shown by the pulsar, a deformed hand, (a hand only revealing a thumb and two fingers), lifting up a conglomeration of human (selfie)  jewels of light.

An insatiable need

For acceptance in society,

Desires to bejewel the lamb

To heights of selfie,

To dress it up in bling,

So full

Of delusions of grandeur

In humanity,

Body consciousness,

Bling inspired,

Pasted into the skin,

Morphed into mindset

Deeded a norm now regular.

This is happening 

In the land.

It says, “Notice me,

I am god of my hands.”

Creation has become 

Something weird,

A plant that grows 

Strange creations,

Combinations of 

Unrelated features,

Opposing balances

Of yin and yang.

There is a degree,

Of creation by man,

That has evolved

These outlandish veins

Of artistic representation,

And they bleed into

The God given consciousness

Of populations.

They are manifestations,

Not of God’s hand.

Due to this need

For self affirmation,

Peculiar and unorthodox


Has become

The new justification,

For Acceptance.

People in populations

Are doing

Strange and emulsifying acts,

Just to get noticed.

Beauty, as defined by,

God’s creation,

Has taken a turn

To newfangled, ambitious,

Self-centered direction.

God’s true form 

Is disappearing.

Where is the true light

Of our God given plan?

Consequences to life

Are already revealing

A frightening time.

Can one imagine

This vision,

An upside down,

Tornado’s vortex

Will spiral all ungodliness,

From the earth,

A wide and long berth,

And cleanse

Society’s consciousness,

To the apex

Of Heaven. 

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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