Wisdom’s Call Through Time’s Recesses

 A white ocean

Of stormy, bright clouds,

Is the con of man,

So immersed in knowledge,

Tainted by do-gooding, so loud.

Intellectual pride fiercely abounds,

By walks of greed 

On spiritual paths,

Flowing sound.

Through centuries,


For the glory of His light,

Has perpetuated

Such a roiling storm.

Does wisdom know 

This kind of distance

From God?

Yes, she does.

Come down,

Come down to the ground.

Let us humble ourselves.

We are all,

Watery bones;

Of flowing streams,

In hearts of fronds,

The surest place

To grasp,

His wisdom,


Where does our water way flow?

Where does our water way flow?  At the furthest point where the water way narrows, can you see the symbol made of dark green foliage just above the water?   What is it?

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Proverbs 8:22-36  The Commendation of Wisdom

Proverbs 9  Wisdom’s Invitation

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