The Momentum Of The Great Deception Is Fully Upon Humankind

It’s warm in the sunroom,

But outside it’s cold.

The jet stream

Brought us a wintry snap,

And with it,

Lake effect snow,

Multitudes of waters,

Moving skyward and east bound.

The temperature vacillates,

And so does the moisture,

From soft ice particles,

To crusty, crunchy, hard ice,

Frozen to the bone.

Inside however,

The sunroom is cozy,

Safe from

Vulpine fixtures,

Feline false prophet vocals,

And undue criticism’s censure.

I shall cook, lasagna,

Like Saint Teresa of Avila

Peeled potatoes.

I’ve a great recipe.

I’ll share it with you,

It’s from Taste of Home,

Acknowledged and shared,

Not stolen.

In the face of societal norms,

Our American Declaration

Being one of these forms,

It is right and just

To speak on subjects

Equitable and inequitable, 

Especially when they affect,

Our basic human needs,

So essentially known.

Temperance these days

Is surely indispensable,

When deception and injustice

By both light and dark forces

Are allowed to bear 

Without penalty,

On our life’s endeavors.

The safety and security

Of a citizen’s identity

Is taking on more facets

Than law enforcement

Can handle.

The intuitive and spiritual paths

Of identity theft

Both need to be 

Acknowledged and addressed

In our material world.

Our laws 

Need to acknowledge

That there are, in fact,


Of such abusive wrongs.

Our laws 

Need to acknowledge

That identity theft


Psychic and virtual aspects,

Cogent with

The knowing and purposeful, material

Debasement of a target’s character,

By stalking programs,

That intend to profit

From inherent value.

This type of predation 

Is a real and true occurrence

In today’s world.

 If left undesignated,

Corruption will snowball.

What will the affects be

On the education and safety

Of our children’s 

God given gifts,

If they are taught 

From a young age,

That deceptive behaviors

Are okay to play

Beneath a face of honesty?

Society will continue to build

The forces of hidden greed

And all the destruction 

That follows.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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