God’s Lift Into Salvation

There are times,

And at present,

This is such a second,

To disclose the purpose

For wearisome and painful


Recently acknowledged.

It is especially

A weighing in,

In regard to one’s

Time space of decisions.

This is a reference

To the chasm between

God’s salvation,

And the pain

Of living through,

The Great Deception.

God’s lift

Into salvation

Is a direct and absolute


An extraction,

By a force,

A sphere of white light,

Which shall descend

Upon us from Heaven.

In the mind’s eye,

There appeared

A moving foresight.

A vision of souls,

In a pile of dust,

Bodies laying,

Gray and gone,

Limbs entangled,

Bones of ashes,

So lifeless.

A carrier, 

A transport,

A volume of energy,

A traveling and spherical tent,

Of luminosity,


Full into the mass,

Shaking the pile

To extract,

Two exact deaths

For ascension.

God knows our souls,


And uncompromisingly.

How much time space

Shall pass,


Revelation 13,

The Beast From The Sea,


Revelation 22

The River And The Tree of Life,

For the Great Cleansing

To commence His cleaning?


Wearisome and painful


Have to be said,

Before due consideration

Can be given

To understand




And Salvation.

How can one speak of the end

And the ramifications 

Of free will,

Without relevant communication?

May we find God’s blessings

In all of our efforts.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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