A Transformed American Declaration Calls To Americans

A bullseye of condition,

Of vocal oppression,

Extensively continues

To pervade

Our social media population,

Our choice of vocal expression,

An instantaneous and virtual

Way of life

That has grown

By leaps and bounds

As a standard 

Of communication.

Sub culture

Dirty work thrives

On power’s highs.

What power

Has given source permission

And payment,

To act as employee

Of  social media conglomeration

With the sole intent

To destroy the voice

Promised by law,

To speak through

Our American Constitution,

To cause confusion,


And theft

Of one’s word expression?

This is a sabotaging

Of certain citizens.

Are they innocent subscribers 

To virtual podiums?

Some are,

And don’t deserve

Such sort of intrusions.

This condition exists

And it is a blatant

Destruction of 


A purposeful, spiritual,

Targeted demise,

Is not unlike

Power placing tax audits

On political constituents

Who are obviously not

Their allies,

Just to hold 

The ultimate ride

Of penultimate power position.

Does one notice

The word partisan

Was left out 

Of this dissertation?

Tis so,

Because this condition

Is dubbed 

Self centered rendition.

A transformed American Declaration

Is truly essential

To end this eroding

Of our American,

Declaration of Independence.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

About Cindy Eksuzian

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