A Prose Trio Of God’s Works

25 November 2014

28 November 2014 The sun is about to come through the clouds and light up the snow.

28 November 2014 The sun is about to come through the clouds and light up the snow.

God’s presence


Our conditions of time space.

Holy fire

Consumes the road

A burgeoning and bright,

White, sunlit halo.

From past to future,

Beyond is the blue,

A background absolute,

The downspout is grown,

It’s evidence, vertical.

It is that

Which mystics say,

Requires unwavering faith,

To perceive such unknowns,

Thus the heavenly manifestations, 

Shown from God’s blessings,

In our Earth’s 

Natural forces;

A blooming of Godspeed

Through His everlasting

Loving kindness

Called home.

26 November 2014

The snow

Is heavy and wet,

A blanket,

A coat,

Of peaceful precip,

While we wait

For the warmth engine,

In power’s re-jet.

Branches and fir needles

Are leaden, white fingers.

Mobility is slow, slippery,

And dangerous.

Winter has landed,

Nor’easter’s palate,

Of beautiful limitation.

Cascading ice crystals,

Thicker than thick

Visibility is poor,

But for white glints,

Moisture’s spore

Is an eye’s mindset.

We are all made

To endeavor towards patience.

29 November 2014

The furnace 

Of comfort creation,

Is the blustery weather


In perfect timing for

A slew of male hands presenting,

To mobilize the snow blower,

Ready the generator,

Join in the cooking

Of family get together,

To help us know God,

And His ever loving kindness

Within Thanksgiving

And inclement weather.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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