Syncronicity’s Static Electricity

Black and white,

Night and day,

No gray area 

In this play,

Of Syncronicity’s 

Static Electricity;

Subtle facets 

Made known

In the materiality,

Of physics and chemistry.

An Omega in the form of a piece of lint?  Okay.

An Omega in the form of a piece of lint? Okay.

A linear view,

Of lines that moved,

Of material existence,

Settled into grooves,

Of scientific matter

Attracted to,

Charged particles,

Things of linen,

Yet different, 

In stature.

A coverlet known,

Filled with down,

A lint form,

Floating around,

Both found together,

A revealing made notable

Of time’s age,

Over ocean waves.

How small and fragile

Every iota of life,

In the weight 

Of God’s helm.

A syncronicity’s

Static electricity,

Is brought together

For neutralization’s 


Let us release

The “eye for an eye,”

That which propels

The negative buy,

Static continuum environment.

Let us always be kind,


In painful sleep,

Where this,

Is so hard to choose.

And yet with God,

We remember 

That acts of kindness


Feelings of acceptance,

And this makes 

For a peaceful world,

Closer to God.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Two quotes from:

“The old saying ‘opposites attract,’ is true not only in romance, but also in chemistry and physics:  positively charged particles are attracted to negatively charged particles.”

“Dryer sheets pre-empt static electricity by releasing positively charged particles that satisfy the cravings of negatively charged surface atoms on your laundry.  So now the negative surfaces are more positive, and therefore they’re not so attracted to the other positive.  The results?  Less electron exchange, less adhesion, and less static cling.”

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