A Sanguine Chorus On Exploitation


The light of the moon

Is dim.

It’s beams,

Glowing heavenly illumination,

Are muted, clouded,

By a mountain of coin,

American pieces,

Metals of  spending,

Piled so high,

“Where is the moon,”

The earth sings?


For the Mother Mary

Wells in His sanctuary.

She, a Bride, 

Of undeniable beauty,

Is crying tears of sadness,

For women,

Caught up in the exploitation

Of our God given feminine.

To use

A soul’s light

For money and fame,

Fame beyond imagining,

Is such a devastating trespass

On the human condition.

Is this feminine able 

To walk in the shoes

Of her victim?

I pray for mercy,

When the fall presents.


Revealing will come swiftly,

When publicity,

Discovers the truth

Behind creation.

©2014 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

 I have two comments with links that I’d like to add to this post:

My mom showed me this newspaper article tonight and I thought, what an interesting historical perspective women were noted for in another era:


My dad, who is very strong in his own spiritual belief system, began a discussion with me regarding this post and we beamed up  to Proverbs 31: 10-31


Living as we do in the 21st century, this verse in Proverbs is quite a model.  God bless those women every day who walk it.  God bless those of us who take to heart the nurturing aspect of feminine and who work on aspiring towards the woman God desires us to be.



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