Intrigue’s Proposal

“Some situations are not meant to be workable, nor are they resolvable.  Such situations resonate by personal will that is completely and irrevocably intractable.    Yet, they are given to us by God as a blessing to discern the wisdom  meant to define the difference between the worthy path and the less worthy path, and to confidently understand and live our own place of light in Him.”    –C. E. Eksuzian.

A certain intrigue

Has played itself out,

Has long been running

In background’s surroundings,

For years now.

It’s water trickles down

From upper echelon’s 

Manmade fountains¹,

Infiltrating every aspect

Of life’s whereabouts.


Notion has postured

Vocal’s recount.

Shouldn’t one question

Authority’s role?

Shouldn’t one,

Endeavor to understand,

To follow, 

Intention’s actions;

The difference between

The worthy path

And ignoble’s hollows?

For, if one only believes

What one is told

By power’s vociferous

Intent to take over,

Then myopic reception

Hides clever deception,

The key to a door’s

Opening and closing,

Is then lost to the owner,


Enclosed by power’s conditions,

Like those of Pharaoh‘s, 

And inhumanity 

Leads one away

From the truth

Of intrigue’s proposal.

As well,

The seduction of earnings

Can take it’s toll.

A bribe is the arrow

To a ruse’s bow.


To sweeten the tip

Of weaponry’s skill.


The good aspects 

Of life are coveted.

They are seen as a ticket

To wealth and power.

Delicate threads 

Of double dealing

Are intricately woven.

A value element

Is adroitly hidden,

By power’s acquisition mode,

Hidden by

Purposefully intended


Unwarranted judgement

By deception and control,

The bleeding of life

By the players 

Of intrigue’s proposal.

From a distance, a field of grass appears uniform. But  a closer inspection reveals it's unique plant species.

From a distance, a field of grass appears uniform. But a closer inspection reveals it’s unique plant species, as well as the succession of life in the stages of regeneration.

©2015 C. E, Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


¹In the context of the above work of art entitled “Intrigue’s Proposal,” the meaning of ‘manmade fountains,’ is meant to convey societal movements of structure through time.

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