How Does The Eye Discern the “I?”

Insights are wonderful.  But what is truly miraculous is God answering our prayers as we pray to Him to help us discern the spiritual light that is also given to us through our ability to perceive an insight.   –C. E. Eksuzian

A tooth brush, a comb....oh, whatever...a cloud right?

A tooth brush, a comb….oh, whatever…a cloud right?

The hint of a design,

So fine are the lines.

Look closely.

Do you see the moisture

In the sky?

A toothbrush,

A comb,

A prompt of light?

How are we grooming

The face of our “I?”

Do we dress with a truth,

Or clothe with a lie?

Or, are delusions of both


As we stand in our height?

How do we justify

That which or whom,

We are glorifying,

And where does it lead us

On the road we are driving?

Here is a perception.

There are two places

We have the opportunity

To give tidings.

If we give to the LORD,

Truly, we give to the common good’s eye.

If we give to the self,

We are then truly for “I.”

Such reflection

Can bring balance

Into our lives,

When we wear

Our dresses, our suits and ties.

So then, we can,

By our personal will

Move the scale

Closer to common ground,

A middle point,

A place of sharing,

Cut the pie.

Credence has come

That personal will 

Forges on to mightier heights.

It is out of control,

Spiraling haywire.

A vision recently transpired.

The face of an “I”

Grimaces light,

Coveting consciousness,


Hungering for the soul

Of it’s sole and lofty site.

In this apex, however,

The trumpet blows flamboyantly.

The choice for personal will

At the expense of all else

Expands, heightens,

To proportions 

Of excessive and delirious might.

It consumes our days.

It breeds our nights.

Is the prize of luminary eyes

Worth a flight

That darkness drives?

Nothing is secret forever,

As God knows all mankind.

On these streets,

Our innocence has died.

And the only recourse 

Waiting in the wings

Is time.

I will leave you 

With one last query,

An appropriate example,

To cross-examine.

Imagine that,

All of a sudden

The “in person” congeniality

Of humankind,

Is gone by misrepresentation,

Gone by the birth of relationships

With digital devices.

We’ll see the propensity

Of nothing but “I,”

As we gaze into the hardware,

Facing our eyes.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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