The Swimmers and the Field Of Ash

This post came to be by a vision of life.  Although it references swimming, it has nothing to do with the sport of swimming proper, and, everything to do with listening to God through our higher selves. —C. E. Eksuzian

Back stroke,

Feet kick,

Breast stroke,

Arms swing,


Limbs sink,

A circle ring.

Up and down,

Forth and back,

Plodding time

On a field of ash.

Gray and white powder

Tinge the cap.

That which has burned,

Has left,

The fine dust of death.

Can we see

When our end has beckoned,

A new slate 

Of footing rock.

Does life have to be

A fast track?

What is the answer to

Our soul’s evolution

On earth?

Go for a swim

In the aftermath?


But such a choice

Could be

Futility’s rat pack,

Like four walls,

A ceiling and a floor,

A cement encasement

Without a door?

The answer lies

Right in front of the eyes,

Bursting at the seams

Of appellations and phases.

Our higher selves 

Make known to us the time,

The time,

To let resistance,

Win it’s by.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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