What’s In A Name?

Black bear making his early morning walk one day last summer.

Black bear making his early morning walk one day last summer.

As sure

As the sun rises,

As sure 

As the wind blows,

As sure

As the snow melts,

As sure

As the grass grows,

As sure

As Moses knows,


By God he was told,

And God spoke,

I AM has sent me to you.”

I am 

Is the root

Of our very own

Personal intro.

As sure

As the crucifix is a symbol,

As sure

As humans stand in it’s form,

With the arms out straight

And horizontal,

We breathe from the chest,

The breath,

Of God’s name,

In the very life

Of incarnation’s flow.

Have we, 


And for that matter,


Closed off our senses

To God,

Naming him,

By the possession,

Of our very own,

Religious doctrine?

As sure

As it seems fitting,


Would want us to know,

Knowingly and unknowingly,

From deep within our heart beat,

We give glory and thanks 

For His blessing of life,

In auto,

Every time we speak

Our very own personal intro.

“I am” Cindy Eksuzian.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.




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