Thus says Jesus,

First shall be last,

And last shall be first.


Words spoken first,

Fail to deliver the birth,

Of the bridge,

To God’s worth,

In our lives.

When we walk in His light, our bones mark the passage of life.

When we walk in His light, our bones mark the passage of life.

This post is about bones.

Throw a bone.

What is behind

The intent,

Of it’s catapult,

Sincere help,

Or deception,

A hook to be implanted,

When gullibility believes,

Only the face of it’s projection,

And can not see,


Double-mindedness exists,

Behind opportunity’s salvation?

A sky bone,

An earth bone,

A mind drone,

A heart tone,

Truly, food to eat,

Or the mirage

Of an oasis,

In the vast sands

Of heat and desolation?

Bones need to be

Thrown and received,

In the flesh, respectfully,

In order to inspire,

The burgeoning of

Eruption in power with.

That means that,

Stepping out of self interest

Is the wager,

To amplify cohesion’s compliments,

Therefore our stairway to

Achievement’s excellence.


This cast 

Of mind machination

Is duly completed,

By the power

Of God’s light

In the midst,

Of our creations.


Are the foundation of life.


Blood and oxygen

Are both the resonance

That grow abundance.

When we let go of pride,

And exercise forgiveness,

Miracles flow through our bones.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Ezekiel 37  Vision of the Valley of Dry Bones

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