The Play Between Life and 64 Squares

     The world is a maze,

And in the upper echelons lately,

A field of mines

For dormant play.

     The reality

Of such dissenting condition,

Is none the less challenging

To keep at bay.

This casts a shroud

Of unsettling foundation

To the home 

Of our unique and cultural

Humanity, in many ways.

     Chess pieces are discovering

Every avenue 

Of this subject’s way-finding. 

64 Squares,

The board in its form,

Certainly weighs in 

To the stream 

Of convocation’s settee.

But is each square,

The player and it’s position

The end all to 

Successful parlay?

     The field is wired

With haze,

Until pieces

Organize their game.

Where in the order

Is regard for the board,

Thus, population’s safety?

     Self centered ambition

In the heights

Of political Americans,

Is going to cause

A deeper divide

In structures of

Our United States government,


A layer of vulnerability

To the safety

Of our borders

And citizen’s circadian patterns.

     To use one’s power

To selfishly create

At the expense of life,

Causes a wide scale

Conundrum in weight.


To let in a fox

Is to prove

To its cohorts and beyond,

There is an opening

To conquer and pilfer

Within a geography,

And it’s main stage.

     Does one believe

That congregations

Based on similar interests

Will always remain?

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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