She and Her Intricacies…A Path To Consensus?

     Let’s look on

To arena’s throng.

The stadium is filled

To the sky.

Even so, as the rain falls,

Heaven’s light descends, 

Full throttle.

But, the field, 

Is too taken to notice,

And only listens 

To power’s gong.

     Latent deal making

Intends for wine, and new wine,

But the wind,

Cast by human hands,

Desires to be

The only champion.

     Regardless of it all,

She, is the One,

By the power of God, Who,

Has given us life,

In every corner 

Of her shroud.

Doesn’t She,

By the abundance of God,

Count for anything

In this world?

I love you, Earth,


Glory to You, Lord.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Job 39

Hosea 4

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