Map Marking Life

†A joyful and tolerant bonding to lent, to being immersed in prayer to receive the understanding of what God brings to our lives, emboldens our discernment of that which is worthy and that which is not, and thus sets the course for our highest good.  Our free will precipice becomes lit by the sun.  What shall we do with it?  —C. E. Eksuzian

Contemplating word pictures and most especially gifts from God.

Contemplating word pictures and most especially gifts from God.

     The internet train

Has taken to a new culmination,

Unlawful tributaries,

Dark waterways,

For people to believe,

They can lie and take,

What ever they desire,

Because the opportunity

To hide from the light,

Has increased exponentially

In society’s themes.

     These days,

It truly is easier

to “look” good,

Than to live truthfully.

The act of being politically correct,

Has  even mastered its own

Clever steam engine in people.

Pride and face

Drive humans to race

For the place of appearance

In righteousness.

We are a society about survival.

We are motivated to drive economy.

Media profits these themes,

And stirs the pot

To call them clean,

After all, 

Isn’t this what populations

Want to believe,

That from our own hands

We are creating good things?

When has revealing illusion

As truth,

Become more meaningful

Than the bright light

Of that which is pristine?

     The great deception 

Is fully upon life,

Confusion is rife in humans;

And unless we are sincerely 

Close to God,

We will continue to live

These strange and false vibrations.

Society will become corruption,

Darkness embedded 

In the living fabric

Of the gift of oxygen

Given to us by God.


The light is entering.

Bright rays from the sun

Are illuminating that which is done.

And like a fireball descending,

So doth the hand of God.

     The searing of truth,

Is scorching falsifications

And carries the weight

Of judicial decisions.

     As darkness and light

Breathe the dance

Of sparring flight,

One only need walk

By the bright sword 

Of heaven.

God parts the way

Through the vast plains

And forests of corruption.

     The sands of time

Have spoken these keynotes

Through ancient prose,

And long ago rhymes;

They’ve set the crystal indenture,

Single granules resting together,

Until the earth 

Reveals the picture

Of existence,

Until the earth 

Speaks the difference between,

Life and the death of darkness,

Darkness that limits 

God’s manifestation in our being.

     The gift bestowed

On the face of time

Is one’s experience,

Of this understanding.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

My opinion of the media:

There is much good that the media both represents and projects.  However, its power to influence the population is a real and concerning aspect to life, and especially,  the meaning of life to humans.  Therefore, any media company that understands this and indomitably attempts to reveal life accurately and truthfully, is doing an honorable public service act, to support life on our planet.  —C. E. Eksuzian

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