The Wall….La raison d’etre.

An overwhelming wall,

Muddy water coursing through halls,

Will overtake land

And the inhabitants there,


It will wash over headways,

With a force unbroken.

It will cause fear

And consternation.

It will uproot foundation,

Long laid by muddy organization.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

A bird's eye view from the simplicity of nature.

A bird’s eye view from the simplicity of nature.

I don’t usually explain my posts, but for the course of human frailty, it is always good to remind oneself of the range we have in our choices.  This being said, I think that the proverbial closet door is a wall, “La raison d’etre,”and in actual physical reality most closet doors are!

When this wall is moved, either by our own doing or by forces we can not control,  how we organize the things in our lives, becomes visible to ourselves, and to the judgment of others.

If we walk by the light of God, light spills forth from the storage we’ve created called “past.”  If we choose by our own free will to walk by self deception, upon our closet door opening, the history of our true colors shines like a rainbow.   As a decision in our range of choices if we allow, this rainbow could assist us to transform less worthy behavior into light!

If we choose not to make this choice of courage, we are faced with, you guessed it, another wall.  This is the wall of fear and is so daunting because the precipice behind it is, you’ve guessed again, another wall, the wall of shame.  The level of shame we feel equates to the scale of existence we’ve risen to in life, and the ways we’ve manifested choices,  to reach that self embodying point.

I think that navigating such resistance in our consciousness is all about how we can choose to deal with our choices when they unexpectedly appear to us face to face.

Renditions of such happenstance make for learning the ride of our soul’s evolution, again if we choose it to be so.  Yet, they also make for entertainment.  The learning is a gift.  In it’s education, what kind of entertainment do we see ourselves being?

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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