The Sea Of Choice

And I saw the sea,

Bursting forth,

A roiling cauldron of green energy,

Of forceful green waves,

With white capped sprays,

Barreling into,

A sunlit and placid beach.

And in the depth of the waves,

I saw the face,

Of the great reptilian thing.

It hissed a powerful and evil

Intending of hate,

Water waves fueled

By selfishness haze,

Meaning to play emotions

To manipulate.

Take care people!!!

These waves will effect and affect

More than just a minute place!

Stay close to God,

With heartfelt grace.

We must keep our faith,

Filled with,

Love, His goodness, joy

And His everlasting light.

May the peace 

Of the Lord, God in Heaven,

Be with you always.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

A Blessing Of Readings For This Poem:

Daniel 12

Revelation 12

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