Consider This: The Sensationalism of American Life

The sensationalism of American life….

Is the land of the free 

Causing us strife?

Voices clamoring,

A steady increase 

In the need to be seen,

To be great,

All for a spot,

On the Country Music Awards,

Survivor, or

ABC New’s “Person Of The Week.”

Don’t misunderstand this view of life.

It is, in many ways reverent,

For us to honor each other,

To give credence to those,

Who’ve achieved something

Exceptionally complete,

Undeniable excellence…yes,

But say,

What has happened to humility,

If in fact,

Being humble is sensationalized?

How does this American Sensationalism

Affect international relationships,


Our allies, our adversaries, 

Our would be partners 

Of harmony, of nonviolence?

American sensationalism

Is something to contemplate,

From a global perspective,

And for the sake of peace.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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