Rhetoric’s Wheel: What Are We Buying Into These Days?

…..A provoking post  to contemplate how we use words to live our lives, and 

how we may unknowingly allow, others’ words to affect our living…


What do we do with the fruit of knowledge?

What do we do with the fruit of knowledge?

It is ever more confusing,

To discern truth in words’ turning,

As truth finds its place,

This way and that,

Among the layers of vanity’s clothing.

Are we not to some alluring degree,

Uniquely, merchandising words,

And are they not profiting vanity’s mirror

By our aspiring and personalized,

Pursuits of focused and augmented character?

What genre of identity fervor

Is turning Rhetoric’s wheel?

Is it’s cast,

Truly evolving intelligence,

Which, should improve life,


Is the dye, we’ve merchandised,


Cultivating one-upmanship and better than,

Cloaks of knowledge to false wisdom’s heights?

Have we crafted the wheel with,

Concoctional phrasing,

For the intent of creating,


To inflate our self awareness engine,

To judge the clothing of others opinions,

Or, to induce belief systems of ideology’s flavor seasonings,

Or, do we sincerely turn the wheel with,

The cleansing words of truth’s direction?

What is the state of word consciousness,

And how are we using it, 

To effect our living?

Are the goals we have as humans,

So uncommonly to be ones,

Only, of personal achievement’s intention?

If so, is this need for self actualization,

Causing our own expenses to life?

By such use of words,

Can we see what we forfeit in human relating?

What steam turns circumference?

What fire speeds the spokes of voices?

What highway guides the movement

Of thought processes?

Look at the map’s intersections.

They are questions,

On the state of life’s consciousness.

I love bee hives.  They are such a bustle of activity that teaches humans about the organizational structure of communication.

I love bee hives. They are such a bustle of activity that teaches the organizational structure of communication.

To discern the trip tic,

Of psychological dust left

By our unique imprint of footsteps,

One must navigate truth,

Through  a circuitous combustion of words,

An Incendiary yet personalized, educational architecture

Of the dictionary’s adjectives, nouns and verbs.

Yet still,

The ancient ways,

Quietly lay 

In our DNA,

Ready to ignite truth and purity’s interplay,

Articulated by the intention

Of our free will “say,”

And by truth’s sunlit octane,

One can most assuredly, 

Drive rhetoric’s wheel creatively,

And most especially plain as day.

Consciousness has become a gaming of words,

Huge bursts of plays on life,

Word strings that ring with the bling,

Of competition’s highest point of gaming.

Does the real affect 

Of the gaming of words,

Play on,

The ability of humans to parlay,

The light of truth through the mixology

Of word phrasing?

Are we not caught up in such hybridizing,

Of word strings, 

Of thought form propagation?

And is this merchandising of words,


For our very own front and center purpose?

We reach out over political platforms,

And media soapboxes,

Why are themes of life so glorified

In such arenas?

To gloriously behold the speaker,

Who then induces the idea of beholding,

As an elite way of seeing life,

Within the population?

We have become 

So full of pomp and circumstance,

Vanity cloaks that cover the simple,

Warm and frail, 

Human sentience,

A celebrated fluff

Over everyday Americans.

How do we sift through such story lines,

Such identity sighs,

Vocalized by,

Manipulating and controlling neck ties¹, 

Deceptive word seductions, spiraling,

Honored by,

Sensational claims to life.

The state of rhetoric’s wheel,

Is brightly burning light,

A light so strong,

Does one not see,

What is happening to,

The consciousness of life?

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

¹The meaning of the words, “neck ties,” in this line, refers to the non gender use of vocal power, male and/or female.

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