The Dresser And It’s Dress

Nature is a great picture for the contemplation of yin and yang.

Nature is a great picture for the contemplation of yin and yang.

     The bureau and it’s clothes,

The dresser and it’s dress,

A reflection of persona,


Identity of tressed


Parts to be reconciled,

In the light of God’s beauty,

And bountiful, omnipresence…..

     To incarnation…..

Identity matters

By our human act

Of survival instinct.

In terms of the kingdom

Of Heaven’s blessing,

We need only know

Love’s edification

In the light

Of God’s salvation,

On our brink of journey

Through free will’s decision.

     Our hearts breathe

A kaleidoscope of memories….

Hard lines,

Stout structure,

In concert

And teaming with,

Soft waves

Of feminine muster.

Does sense of being


Towards one or the other?


How polarizing that!

Conscience and free will


How debilitating and static the body becomes

Because of this picture,

Of choice.

Should one stay quiet,

Or vocalize,

By a trumpet’s noise?

     Then one confronts

The environment of life.

It marks personal movements

Of identity traits.

How, pray tell,

Is due consideration justified?

By compassion and neutrality?

By jeering, racial tyranny?

Should one advocate loud and fully,

For individual identity?

     How is government’s determination,

     Truly of consequence,

On the road to human equality?

How does this cacophonous din matter,

In the great scheme of society?

     Gone should be

Human, judgmental activity,

For that declaration is God’s alone,

When He weighs on His scales,

A human’s unique,

Incarnation’s proceedings.

Have we balanced yin and yang,

     His blessing,

Given each of us freely?

One need not contend

With each other’s opinions,

Or persuasions.


     On earth,

One should endeavor to

Love and support

All cross bearing efforts.

Isn’t that what God asks us to do,

By our act of being neighborly?


It is our own path to God,

This gift of divine choice,

We contend with inside.

The soulful contemplation….

In our earthly manifestations.

We are the ones,

Who stare our soul

Straight in the eye,

Towards Heaven.

May we pray for each other,

For His mercy

And everlasting, lovingkindness

To guide our flights

To Him,

As we lift up our hearts

To the light of His Kingdom.

©2015 C.E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


Nature is a great picture of yin and yang.

Nature is a great picture of yin and yang.

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