Steaming Towards Fruition

Steaming towards fruition.

Steaming towards fruition.

     Bucolic past times

In warm, wet hills,

Filled with Spring’s regeneration,

And the trills,

Of creativity’s bells,

Shall be raided,

By a culture of boots,

With shod, hungry horses……

     Is state warfare


The ever present rise

For tourism’s dollars,

For lofty ideas,

To name specific geography

As the salvation of God’s House,


Is it man’s claim,

To the color,

Of a political bower?

     Given the current state of life’s undertakings,

How tangible it is,

That such focused competition,

Pervades existence.

Can we instead,

Lay down healthier venues,

For life’s postulation?

     State geographies should,

Support each other’s

Necessary human infrastructures,

Not raid and pilfer,

By shirts of ideology,

Under the cover

Of light filled umbrellas.

     We are steaming towards a time,

Where such deep divides,

Shall be extinguished by,

The necessity of survival efforts.


Our priority will be,

To fill the basic human needs of life.


Futility’s thrust

Will vex the hunt,

In the chasing,

Of such high and mighty wind gusts.

Bubbles will burst,

By air pressure’s girth.

In the blink of an eye,

Man’s gaming denied,

And life will be reconciled.

     We’ll come down to earth,

By the powerful light,

Of God’s hand moving.

 ©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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