Faith: Man’s Irrefutable Meal Ticket

     The “Believer’s Rest,”

Is a sweet and peaceful leap,

From the heart precipice,

To the knowing

Of faith in God,

And how He tests

The paths,

Of our personal will


     This light holds the key

To engaging so many of us,

Because so many of us,

Have become lost

In the laws of man’s


     Edicts, decrees, orders, commandments,

Laws of doctrine,

Laws of ritual,

The law of government,

The dictum especially,

Of personal will.

     So many laws

That blind one’s will

From conceiving faith,

To embrace,

The Will of God.

     The reveal

Is a disclosure,

Discerned from

The celestial comprehension

Of self righteousness


The righteousness of God,

A place where

The choice between

These two convictions

Of resonance,


The length and breadth

Of the human sword.

     God’s universal reign

Floods the mountains, valleys,

Cities and plains,

Of our souls.

     But unless we act

With His greater omni-presence,

Our filtered truths

Of identity accouterments,

Our emotional thought forms,

Our sur name classrooms,

Our very own self righteousness,

Shall always

Pale in comparison

To God’s glorious bestowing,

To our knowing

Of His everlasting loving kindness,

And His generosity,

Entirety brimming

With such voluminosity

Tremendous gifts donned,

From crossing

The bridge of oblivion,

To His sunshine

Where exists,

Such peaceful revelation

Of buoyant light form.


Drops of water

In a vast pool,

Two small white sword tips,

Extending out like toes,

From the soles

Of our shoes.

     Our walking,

Percolated by family values,


Miraculously awakened

By His call to become

Epiphany light souls,

     Bright stars

Of tranquility and pure goodness

In the sun

Of His Gospel.

     Can we do this?

Walk on by the Will of God?

Not an easy feat,

In the frail body

Of our flesh and bones core,

Because our personal will

To live life against all odds,

Is so immensely glorified strong.

     Have mercy on us LORD,

And bring us

To life’s everlasting song,

As we live each day

By the breath

Of Your oxygen.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

Blessed be God forever.

Blessed be God forever.

Blessed be God forever,


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