Where Is Our World Today?

     Where is our world today….,

Despite the fact that,

The lace of grace

Is all over the place,

Tumbling curly cues,

Soft hues of color phase,

And buoyantly, joyful,

Petals of face?


     And yet there exists,

The slice of expression,

Innocent endeavors of hello,

“My name is,”

Eaten away,

Cropped this side and that way,

Whole imagery stolen,

By hackers copying,

Uniquely, personal mediums,

Of space,

     A new age Atlantis,

Once fallen by will,

Over crystal manifestations,

Now silently stalked,

Then chalked,

Morphed into another’s handling

Of attributable belongings.

     What prophet is profiting?

What prophet power elbows out

The weaker ones,

That don’t have a chance,

As power only dances

With power that enhances,


     The man,

Who lays on his back,

Like a cloud in the sky,

Is he a prophet of the LORD,

Or a copier,

A false fly?

Jeremiah 29,

Sends a message to us exiles.

     These days,

Why are men and women

So subliminally bent

On undermining each other’s gifts,


We are truly made to compliment

Each other’s dress?

     Have we forgotten,

Our sacrements?

     Who is the prophet?

The cloud man,

On the word publisher’s docket?

The journalist,

In the camera’s viewfinder?

The politician,

Claiming another’s words of faith,

Spoken beneath the umbrella,

Of a blogging platform?

The trendsetter,

Holding back the chirps

Of God’s servants?

The lover,

Exploiting innocent emotions,

To delve the strings

Of heartfelt vibrations?

     Are these the true intentions of man,

For the profit and glory

Of selfishness salivation?

     What about

The domain of Jabba,

Limiting the truth

Of rightful URL owners?

     Prophets of man

And these include women,

Only breathe what populations


To listen in on,

For this is where the gold rush

Begins to inflame


And thus acquisition.

     A true prophet 

And / or prophetess,

Lives in simple dress,

Loves God,

And obeys,

The 10 commandments,

Yet our skin desires


To conceive this.

     He and she

Know the time,

The count of seasons,

The breathing for rest,

The planting of bread

On His water’s movements,

Thus prayers and visions,

That promulgate

The leavening of these provisions.

     Like the Mountain Ash,

That resides

On the outcropping

Of risky landmass,

     Their faith

Is that which sustains


     These are trees

That flower

No matter the elements.

Trees that give fruit

To His people and creatures,

Trees that sow life’s blessings

No matter the size

Of purses or wallets.

     God bless all of us

Who understand this,

And Lord have mercy

On those of us

Who are endeavoring

Through tribulation,

To open our eyes and hearts,

To listen to You, LORD,

And to Your mysteries of faith,


©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved

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