Stargazing Desire

     The writing is…..

From brain waves,

Or sensory pleiades,

High in the sky.

     Look up and see

The dots defined,

By exact and focused pinpoints

Of desire,

That which,

Fingertips manifest,

By large sums of paper coins.

     Revealed is,

The ultimate power trip,

Clothed feline,

And God knows the construction

Of every movement’s line.

     The team,

Of past administration,

Bled salvation,

And needs

The team of future invitation

To thrive,

And to,

Blot out the threats

To party success.


The cycle’s address

Is faith in God,

And is that which,

Decides the winning rhyme.

     My modest advice

In the environment,

Of stargazing desire?

Trust only God

To safeguard your ride,

For in every human

Lurks the opening,

By which vulnerability resides,

That which, allows entry,

Thus occupation,

Of the devil inside.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

About Cindy Eksuzian

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