Is Liberty Standing On The Shores Of Hypocrisy?

     I saw her completely,

In vivid sleep.

Liberty, she’s,

Come out of the sea,

Distilling stagnation,

Slimy and green.

     She lays over,

On a beach of envy,

She  needs to be cleaned,

Made pristine.

     She used to stand

With confident freedom,

On the promontory,

Of our American declaration.

     What happened 

To her clothes?

She needs a rose,

Of compassion.

     Her book

Has become closed,

With broken seams.


From God,

By the People,

We the People,

Is what she needs.

     The shores,

On what she has stood for,

No longer resonate

Her true meaning.

     Our population needs

To remove her chains,

And rally her words,

Once again.

©2015  C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

About Cindy Eksuzian

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