Truth’s Transformation and It’s Affect on Society

     Truth is souffled,


Hidden away among,

A melange of ingredients,

It’s verity spoken,

By the will,

Of the mixologist gourmet.

     Truth looks so good,

It’s got to be…,

Well, true!

     It is challenging to conceive,

That truth,

Combined with such flower petals,

And hard evidence,

Could be anything

But the truth!

     Yet today,

Clever intelligence

Has its own way,

With the imperious, white wash,

“Cover up,”

Beneath the Great Deception’s


     The fallout,

From this flow of aspiration,

Has been,

And will be,

Causing, “The Indignation.”

To escalate.

     It will continue breeding,

Separation of opinion,

To degrees

Of inciteful dissension,

And will lead people to see,


More than unity.

     It will cause

Imbalance in society

To an alarming intensity,

And in unheard of places,

It will harm our well being.

     To those who live truth,

In its simplest form,

Who live and breathe,

The cells,

Of its DNA,

They will be less understood,

Passed by, and persecuted.

     They will be perceived as,


Living beneath the wood planks

Of elitism’s gainsay.

     Truth’s dilution,

Will cause uses of structural organization,

To brim with a combination

Of sharp practice and double dealing.

     Fraud will blossom ten fold,

And so goes

The ever greater augmentation

Of the “Indignation.”

     Society’s stream of life,

Will be life,

In an ever increasing

Ground of play,

Unless we observe

What is occurring

With the state of truth’s way.

The use of "thunder is changing to such a degree that society should pay attention.

Truth in the use of thunder, is changing to such a degree, that society should pay attention.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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