Is America The New Age Babylon?

     Sometimes, we are blindsided by,

Rose colored glasses

Of compromise.

     To legitimize

A future demise of our country,

Is akin

To walking into,

The pit of a lion.

     Another nation,

Who loathes the states,

May frame the weapon artist,

As the enemy,

Or buy his power

For connectivity.

     What allies

Are truly trustworthy?

An  itinerary,

Will cause the change

Of rating first,

The allegiance coalition

For the sake of peace.

     Until it is time to awaken,

The lion,

Whose mane breathes

The head of a camel,

Will sleep,

All the while

It sniffs out the shark

Wearing the catfish strategy.

     There are times,

That the lives of many,

Are far too important

To ignore,

Blowing a horn

For safety,

     As this evening,

Earth creatures,

Breathed a vision

In flowered curtains.


A foreboding for life,


Falling on the earth’s,

Many cultured coverings.

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

May we all pray for mercy and healing, for cleansing and purification, and for the light of God to bless us within.  Amen.    —-C. E. Eksuzian

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