The Unfolding Of Denouement

     There is a voice,

In the air,

Spewing judgment

At political fair.

     How strange these epithets,

Meanings of such,

Denigrating respectful conversation.

     Are they meant

To mislead, to confuse,

The People’s ear?

    Are they meant

To cause indignation everywhere,

On streets, in grocery aisles,

Amongst golf clubs, in laundromats,

By the ball park’s

Gaming wares?

     Have these lips

Been kissed by Judas?

     Do these feet

Walk by funding

From a competitive party gamer’s accoutrements?

     Do these hands 

Intend to discredit

The respectful attempts

Of aspiration by brothers?

     May the Lord reveal a voice,

Whose mouth breathes sounds

Of understanding,

Whose tones emit leadership,

Meant to heal separation,

Whose mindful intelligence

Intends to move,

A prosperous, economic engine,

For the benefit of all,


Our United States Regions.


May this individual

Listen to the LORD

For the People’s direction.


©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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