The Course of the Hour Glass


The time of a blossom is fleeting. It gives to fruit, then passes eating!

The time of a blossom is fleeting. It gives to fruit, then passes to eating!  Acorn squash grows in the vegetable garden.  It is a miracle to see God’s light, His wisdom and knowledge manifested in earthly matter.                                                                      C. E. Eksuzian 2015

     The great hour glass

Processes time.

     In the vast space

That makes up our lives,

Crystals have fallen,

One quarter, passed by.

     Shall we do the math

To conclude descending rhyme?

     Shall we face God’s judgment

For the reasons why,

In the ways we’ve lived

Our lives,

In the face

Of His earthly eye?

     There is no race

Against moving space.

     There is only our chance

To reconcile with God

Our lives.

     Have we been

His example?

Have we demonstrated

True kindness to another’s life?

     Man only desires

The knowledge of God’s timetables,

To glorify,

The voice’s sigh.

     The hour glass

Is a valuable time piece

For the good of all.

It can be used

To cook food

Or to time something’s finding’s!

     The hour glass defines

The difference between

Time used and time,


     The hour glass demonstrates

Integration of existence,

Together, by the action

Of time passing,

To cause rest

In one another’s presence,

Just as we are humans, moving,

On earth’s paths of landmass,

And in flotation,

By the will of our hands

Over air streams,

And water currents.

     How much of our free will

In time’s spatial offer

Have we given to God?

     Can we apply

The time in the glass

To earthly events cast,

By the Hand of God?


And yet,

Is this all that mankind

Will use the hour glass for?

     An hour glass is

A God given device.

An hour glass is

A blessing to enhance

Human life.

     Shall we debate,

To determine its use

In the shifting of crustal plates?

Shall we calculate,

The time remaining,

To signify the coming of storms

In the earth’s terrain?

Shall we argue over debacles

To the end of Earth’s light?

   What mind space

Of man

Shall we offer to,

His hour glass’s moving sand,

For that which we give to life,

To the gift of knowledge,

To wisdom’s rights?

     Do we remember 

All of His light?

From the Alpha

To the Omega,

From Genesis,

To His results foretold

In the Book of Revelation?


In all that has passed,

That is passing,

And that shall pass,

Has been given to mankind

As a blessing from God?

Do we remember, His light?

     When we embark upon

The use of His time piece,

Do we consider

Only ourselves, or

Do we encompass life?


Time still passes

In the process,

Of that which is being finished.


Shall we present completion,

In our time,

Thus so far unoccupied?

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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