The Never Ending Salvation

     The LORD came to me,



Floating on a breeze.

     Suspended I was,

In the time space

Of blessing’s serenity.

     “Behold,” I sensed.

A conglomeration,

A building block consortium,

Astounding earthly beauty,

Of all that HE made,

Became awash,

In loving kindness vibration.

     This sensation,

That permeated knowing,

Was so deeply fulfilling,

And it eased completely,

All trial,

And all tribulation

In life.

     The never ending light

Of salvation,

Is forever with us,

In truth’s natural creation.

It is a simple display

Of beauty,

Nevertheless complex,

With closer inspection.

     This is the way

Our hearts lift to God,

Simply in prayer,

We acquaint ourselves with Him,

And we magnanimously receive,


A celestial light of comprehension.

     The depth to its understanding,

Is an indescribable welcome

Into salvation.

It is a mystery that cascades,

Crystal clear waters

Of loving kindness revelation.

     He fills us completely,

When we turn to Him,

In trust,

In faith,

And in repentance,

For all the times we’ve left Him.

     From this precipice,

Let us pray,

For the continuity of Him,

In all of our earthly manifestations.

     Blessed be God, Forever,


Sunlight wakes up a Hydrangea blossom during an early September sunrise.

Sunlight wakes up a Hydrangea blossom during an early September 2015 sunrise.


©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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