From Space

     From space,

I rested, suspended.

     I gazed out,

Over time’s dark blanket,

That which surrounds the earth,

Our beloved sphere of matter.

     It was the only planet,

Glistening with light,

So close to a place of relation,

I was, accommodating,

It’s perimeter.

     We must 

Love it to keep it.

     We must 

Pray for forgiveness

And return to His Quiver,

To receive,

His graceful sustenance.

     To insolently consume

His blessing of resources,

Leaving death in the land,

Will surely extinguish

Our breath forever.

     The near present affords

A continent,

A body of land that will rise in attendance.

May it help our world

From the heart of its resonance.

     May it truly be an example of Him,

This landmass.

   ©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.


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