The Survival of Truth at Work

This post addresses the question of the survival of Truth, most pointedly, the Truth we are by God.

Survival is an interesting topic in terms of nature.   One of the most influential theorists of our time in regards to nature and the survival of species is Charles Darwin.  His theory of natural selection paved the way for us to understand how life survives and reproduces.  He proposed that “among chance variations, nature selects traits that best enable an organism to survive and reproduce in a particular environment.”

One question psychologists study that arises from the topic of natural selection  for example, is, how does evolution influence behavioral tendencies?

What if we applied the theory of natural selection to our behavior and the truth we are by God?  Natural selection is revealed in this setting as well, as the light of God reveals us all, just as His light reveals the natural creation and survival of species on earth.

    We serve

To prove ourselves,

By a Hand

Other than our own.

     No matter

Desirous intent,

Our footsteps reveal His truth,

Our actions.

     The voice of the mouth,

Is cancelled out,

By the doing

Of our limbs’ manifesting.

     The skin tries valiantly,

To wear a tailored veracity,

A delusion of the mind

To think one can hide,

It’s own double dealing rhymes

Of life.

David Austin Rose, "Charles Darwin."

David Austin Rose, “Charles Darwin,”  after a rocky start from late spring weather, a gorgeous fall bloom.


©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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