Discerning A Nature And Nurture Continuum

Faith like potatoes. C. E. Eksuzian 2015

Faith like potatoes. C. E. Eksuzian 2015

“These days, we need enough faith to embody an optimism to believe that the life of hope exists and manifests and that the workings of true goodness are everywhere.

We also need enough perceptual understanding to discern the difference between the workings of true goodness, and the deception that exploits mankind.  This ability is a gift we receive from God.”                              – C. E. Eksuzian.

     Arenas exist, 

Where consciousness is slick,

A continuous, latent inventory,

For players’ tricks,

Layered and emulsified,

Defined by,

Myriad, inventive covers,

Essential truths

Of human conjecture,

Kept held by overcast,

In the holding of a pit.

     Slayers wield sword’s wick,

They pierce and lunge,

Their foray is thick

Through the high winds

Of false pretense,

They maneuver and glitz.

For profits,

Soap boxes align

With these clever lips.

     The light 

Of goodness,

Of compassion,

Of support and caring,

Of the helpful, loving strongholds of sharing,

Has become excessively burdened,

Polluted with,

The personal gaming conditions

Of “politically correct.”

Of which,

I’ve seen first hand,

And this,

This existence,

Is an appalling rendition,

When the words that leave lips,

And the actions that follow,

By hand and in footsteps,

Are really just,

An appearance of,

The Excellence of Love.

     Much of creativity,

Is determined by,

Quintessential loftiness,

A high and mighty lifting up,

And in its wake,

Are the tones of Sheol,

The subtle murmurings of idolatry,

The embalming of God’s Light,

Into ownership.

     A question

We could ask ourselves is this.

When each of us considers,

Our very own essential nature,

How much have we chosen

To allow God into,

Our makeup?


How much have we  nurtured

The casting of graven images,

The strange morphing of societal norms,

By the hypnotizing mist

Of the dark prince,

Weaving his seductions of self worship.

     Two poles,

The Lord has blessed us with.

Just as our earth,

Rests within the ends,

Of its uniquely, balancing axis,

And like the earth,

Isn’t our free will,

A point taken for reference,

To discern the difference

Between God’s Light

And deception’s darkness.

     A New Year

Is ahead in the distance.

How shall we create

With the gifts

God has given us?

©2015 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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