Can Upheaval Emerge A New Whole of Wholes?

To what degree is dishonesty affecting society today?

In so many instances, dishonesty is uncontrollably allowed to appear honest, by versions of “politically correct.” Are we are somewhat baffled by an answer to effective engagement of the parts, for the benefit of the whole? Many people it seems take the position of dismissal and say, “It is what it is.”

I thought I would ponder a different position.

What harmful affects do dishonest conditions have on the sentiments of people, to the degree that the ability for humans to achieve a psychological and biological balance of health, is greatly impaired by the actual living circumstances of harm being allowed to exist and propagate in our society through the manifested occurrences of dishonesty?

Could this be a reason perhaps, for the increase in psychological mental disorders in humans?

Are Citizens feeling that current laws are weakening or useless, and that the very legal structures of their birth, borne out by evidence or facts are increasingly more so affected by the manipulation of power and wealth, which make moral and ethical changes in societal living in relation to the governing of a population, more challenging to address?

If structures of government and public safety allow corruption within ranks, what fair and just chances do citizens have to overcome the feelings of vulnerability to injurious life harm?

Is it a fact that citizens truly feel unsupported by law, so much so that they decide to cause harm to others for reasons of self defense or vigilante attitudes?

Has our United States Constitution become perforated by a magnitude of deception, through the vast and speedy changes in how we propagate societal dissemination? How can societal support structures keep pace with such dynamic changes in communication, to the degree that Citizens have faith in the government’s ability to justly uphold the laws created to safely and effectively govern society?

Government and its law system, would do well by its citizens to consider whether the effectiveness of current laws are upholding a fair justice in our day to day communication. Communication is what leads our society. If dishonesty is allowed to hum vibratory pathways within societal structural components, then the forging of moral, positive and abundant change will defeat itself.

The President of the United States, himself, in his recent State of the Union Address, cautioned Americans not to be taken over by cynicism and fear, and this is a valid consideration.

However, how can Americans not be duly concerned, when conditions of dishonesty have rampantly filtered into the very fabric of communication in their communities? How can one not be afraid of local terrorism from those abroad or by our own citizenry? How can citizens not be concerned that the very vehicle most prominently used to communicate, the internet, is ridden with deceptive forces that make a consumer think twice about opening an email or text because the pathways that enabled its distribution are constantly vulnerable to hacking or the malware that enables fraud or theft?

Where is the value to a consumer if dishonesty can easily disable their day to day communication efforts personally and professionally?

Within the whole of human existence, communication steams our society, the communication of economics, of safety, of programs for positive change, of evolution of our species, and especially of the safety of our planet for the natural sustainability of life. Citizens not only need to know, they need to feel they are supported by the very communication structures that govern their living.

Is the natural and exponential replication of truth in nature, a workable example of communication to ponder how organizational structure can address moral, positive, and abundant change in these societal elements?

Gestalt Theory is an interesting phenomena of truth for this context. It is defined as an organized whole that is perceived as more than the sum of its parts. This photo, which I call “The Whole of Wholes,” is a living example of the wheels of abundance created by the replication of truth in nature, and exhibits itself firmly in Gestalt Theory.

A Perception of The Whole of Wholes

A Perception of The Whole of Wholes

In the recesses of this photo is a picture of the natural environment living its whole in God given ability. Truth reveals the whole of its living structures, of the natural balance and the production that feeds this symmetry of wholeness.

In itself, the entire picture exhibits more than the sum of its parts in wholeness. The flower is more than just the mature blossom of sunflower beauty alone.  It’s appeal is that which has been given it, by a beautiful part of the sky (Heaven), and a beautiful part of the ground (Earth), producing other whole aspects of life to be generated, by pollinating insects, and the life of our feathered friends, food for the birds for example, once its flower turns to a seed head.

If society is cast, structured and governed by laws that can replicate truth, how much more effectively will we as communities, be able to propel communication in the very aspects of safety, economy, evolution of our species and the healthy sustainability of our natural environment? We will be able to do this more aptly, if citizens have faith in the honesty of the structures that govern them.

Here it is again, Gestalt Theory. A perception that human life is way more than parts, and the sum of those parts. It is “a Whole of Wholes.”

First, there needs to be an upheaval to emerge a new Whole of Wholes.

Because, if the parts of the whole are either too weak to enforce the whole, or defeat the very existence and abundant evolution of the whole, then what value to citizens of such structures, are the parts of the whole and the sum that they produce?

The Upheaval 

     It certainly is

And will be,

A revelation of vast proportion,

True stories of


And underpinnings,

Profoundly immoral,

Revealed by the mustering ascension

Of God’s Holy Highway

Through His judgment of fire.

Transmission, reception,

Conveyance and promulgation,

Shall burn a revealing

Over disseminating wires.

     Structures of all kinds,

Foundations built,

Sunk in neighborly surroundings,

Earthly dwellings

Covered and concealed,

Shall be lifted,

For the seeing

Of such fraudulent dealings.

     Veils shall lose anchor,

They will slip aside,

To disclose harmful matter,

Of the intent over innocence

Being broken, plundered, polluted,

Once hidden over time

By false goodness structure.

     Harm upon harm,

Leavened in the world,

Shall be made known

As the light

Demonstrates its brightness,

Show casing the difference between

God’s truth in life,

And the depth of deception’s forces.

     Such groupings of human structure,

Who create association

To pillage guilelessness and ruin character,


To exploit God’s light

For self centered venture,

Shall head for a magnitude of disaster.

They shall be caught in their own traps

Of refractory structure,

Insatiable greed will shatter

The large forms of glass born,

For the bending of illusory chatter.

     And for God’s servants,

Truth shall be rendered.

Copyright 2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.



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