A Fresh And Novel Start To Our American Constitution

It is a favorable time to bring our American Constitution into the twenty first century as a document that walks with American Life.

Our Constitution is demonstrating its age and is no longer a viable and fair basis for American conduct. Its 200 year old Declaration, drafted as a beautiful, independent, national power, should be memorialized. At this time in history, it does not serve the bests interests of America and American Citizens.

In the interests of national security, if law enforcement decides it has no other appropriate choice but to forego our constitutional rights by inviting a business of digital commerce to violate the people’s rights to privacy, as privacy has been nationally declared, then our American Declaration has been forsaken, and is unable to be the foundation for administering a fair and just nation.

WE, the People, need a new, living, breathing document that declares the consciousness of America and its citizens, a national document that stands with us as We walk. Every law or condition, currently defined, that does not satisfy the needs of the People, as We were, as We are, and as We will be, should be revoked, removed, replaced or updated, to support America and Americans in all that We stand for today, and include a doorway to our future sustainability.

Should we embark upon a new “American Book” of what sort of document our American Constitution should be? Should we create legislation and enforce it with laws that make our American Constitution a living and active document, that can be modified by appropriate mediating forces, when necessary, instituted under certain terms and conditions, where the needs of our country and its American People can be addressed fairly and be satisfied promptly, according to an aspect of legal flexibility?

Concerning the internet and our communication with digital devices, should we consider the inclusion of a fair communication clause, that supports our citizens’ rights to appropriately use (communicate with) our digital devices and have privacy in the use of them, and penalize those consumers who instead use such devices to carry out harm to innocent Americans and our country? The way our American Constitution is currently written, laws are increasingly showing their vulnerability to being skirted, not enforced.

Due to the way we digitally disseminate communication, should there be a high court hearing to discuss a way to enforce our communication highways, where any and all consumers, effecting and affecting American life, who buy digital devices that shall be used over internet services, should sign a document by the manufacturer of the device and the internet service provider who they are subscribed with, that allows for de- encryption of said digital device, to provide for investigation if there is implication in using the digital device illegally?

Finally, to what degree should law enforcement or governmental administration, use power to conscript the health of an American company for compulsory enlistment?

Do we want to expand the economic engines in America or contract them? Do we want to offer safe communication highways or allow a polluted communication mechanism to stymie our ability to live and thrive? We need a viable communication highway to live and thrive.

Regarding the Apple, Inc and United States Government dispute over the decision to de-encrypt a digital device, clearly, their positions reveal that America is ripe for a change in declaring its soil.

As our Constitution stands currently, the very fact that our government is openly bypassing its laws by soliciting Apple, Inc. to violate an amendment of the Constitution, is a fact that our American Constitution is not supporting American life to its fullest extent, the way it is currently written.

The seeds that cause growth should be good and right for everyone, so as to produce food that sustains life.

The seeds that cause growth should be good and right for everyone, so as to produce food that sustains life.

©2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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