A Reading In The Earth

     There has been and continues to burn,

A pestilence in the minds of man.

It shall soon increase to a total event,

Of crescendo’s culmination.

     The swarm is a burgeoning circle, 

In countless humans,

An incendiary and repetitive, self centered ambition.

It is a blatant sickness of arrogance, manifested,

A ravaging in the earth Of God’s blessings given.

     Due to such power driven acumen,

Our planet is becoming a barren wasteland.

Resources are devastated, plundered, polluted, exhumed,

Life diminished by human hands.

     An example exists.

The foretelling lives.

In the exact consequence

To each and every breath,

The multitudes will experience

The same core shift.

Every source that bleeds another of life,

And the opportunity to live,

Shall be bled in kind

With negligible left.

     Time is of the essence.

A heart inclined to the LORD,

With the correct measure of penitence,

Is a heart of understanding in,

The blessing of Divine Respect.

May the LORD answer us,

In the Mercy of His forgiveness.

BORAGE a plant of healing and sustenance.

BORAGE a plant of healing and sustenance.

© 2016 C. E. Eksuzian, all rights reserved.

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